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dentXvac is an all-in-one product that combines a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue shield, and oral pathway protector into a single, simple-to-use device that can be inserted into the mouth in a matter of seconds.

Increased Hygiene and Protection

dentXvac shields the patient’s airway from foreign objects. 

Retracts the patient’s cheek to increase visibility and shield it from harm. 

Protects the patient’s tongue and oral pathway


Cost Savings

 With this 3-in-1 device, you can save time and money by having multiple functions in a single device. 

By increasing productivity, you can treat patients in less time while also saving money.

Boost Efficiency

The constant suction clears the patient’s mouth of debris, water, and saliva while keeping the work area dry. Your assistant is free to multitask, which allows them to work faster and more effectively because they are not responsible for controlling the sucking.

The new age of

Unprecedented Hygiene, Comfort, and Efficiency.

Why do you need dentXvac?

  • dentXvac gives protection to the patient’s airway from particles and debris.
  • Retracts patient’s cheek to improve visibility and protect it from injury.
  • Shields patient’s tongue and oral pathway.
  • The built-in bite block keeps patient’s mouth open effortlessly.
  • The continuous suction removes debris, water and saliva from the patient’s mouth and keeps the work area dry.
  • Protect the Doctor or Assistant from spray and dangerous aerosols.
  • dentXvac frees up your Assistant to multitask as they are not needed to control the sucking.

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